Out of All the Baby Monitors, The Only One For Us

Out of All the Baby Monitors, The Only One For Us: A Testimonial by Scott Wooten, a Cubo parent. He talks about why Cubo had the features that were right for his family, with the right specs and design that they wanted. Thinking about whether it's right for you? Read his story here.

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This Mummy Biologist Loved The Cubo AI Bird!

This Biologist Mommy Loves The Cubo Bird! As a modern parent, we are living in a sudden diversification of tech gadgets for our babies! Don't be fooled, some of the inventions out there are better ideas than others.  So, what is it about Cubo Ai that makes it stand out?

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Cubo AI Review: The Smart Monitor that Grows Up with Your Baby

Hello there, my name is Shawn and I was one of Cubo AI’s 6,000 pilot users. What I have to say is that first impressions are important and you can tell immediately from the unboxing experience that a lot of thought went into this baby monitor. Saying that, Cubo will be leaving impressions on you for long after the first moment: this monitor is designed to grow up with your baby. The Smart & Cute Baby Monitor! The first impression comes from unboxing. Cubo AI’s box design is attractive, opening it takes you on a little journey and then you see the cute little Cubo - captivating. Next comes set up, which is so easy that all of the instructions...

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