Cubo AI Review: Not your Typical Baby Monitor

Hi everyone! My name is Wendy and I’m one of Cubo AI’s 6,000 pilot testers. I love my Cubo (and even hoping to get a second one!) but, at first, I wasn’t so sure. To be honest, I regretted the purchase a bit, thinking that I could still watch my baby even if I had only bought a $20 security camera or something. But then my Cubo arrived, I opened the box and was SO surprised.Opening the box, my eyes were instantly drawn to Cubo. It was so cute! A security monitor gets attached to the wall or put on a shelf but Cubo AI becomes part of your home. Cubo AI Simple Set Up From there the set-up process...

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Cubo AI Review: The Working Mom’s Baby Monitor.

Hey! My name is Christine and my husband and I were one of Cubo AI’s pilot test users. We’ve been using the monitor for a few months now and it’s honestly just become such an important part of our lives - we’ll continue using it with any and all future little ones. We like a lot about Cubo but, as two working parents, the biggest thing is how Cubo lets us keep in touch with Teddy through our phones. Safeguarding your baby  Taking care of Teddy while working is hectic so I really appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into Cubo. I don’t have to tote an extra monitor around because it’s on my phone, and that’s always with me, so...

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Cubo AI Review: Reliable connection, easy set-up, smart alerts

Hi! I’m Amy.  My mom saw an ad saying that Cubo was searching for pilot users a while back and bought one as a present for me. I’ve been using my Cubo since and, although it’s got a ton of great features that would have been essential when my daughter was a newborn, we mostly use it to monitor her naps during the day and when she first falls asleep at night.  Pain-Free Set Up I’m not tech-averse, but still had trouble setting up our previous wi-fi based camera from Netgear due to pairing issues and poor connection speeds. I went into the set-up process for Cubo expecting the worst, but it actually went very smoothly. I just clicked Cubo onto its base and...

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Cubo AI Review: Anywhere is Only One Click Away from your Baby

Hey there! I'm Paul and I purchased a Cubo AI smart baby monitor through the pilot program for my son Finn and, so far as I'm concerned, it's pretty amazing! The alerts are great and the automatically taken photos/videos are cool, but what I think really makes Cubo special is its app. Being based from a mobile app gives parents a lot of freedom just not available with a dedicated monitor.   One Cubo, eight devices Up to eight devices can be connected to Cubo at any given time. That means my entire family can keep in touch with Finn on a daily basis. We personally wanted a bit more flexibility so we hooked two old tablets up to the app, one is in our bedroom and...

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The Smart Baby Monitor for Working Moms - Cubo AI Review

From backing when we first launched on Indiegogo, to receiving Cubo at home, working mom Chelsea writes about her Cubo AI Baby Monitor experience: Where to begin? How about, WOW! I remember sitting around, counting down the days and waiting for the initial Indiegogo Cubo launch like a kid on Christmas. I’m going to be honest, I was quite hesitant about being without a quality camera from June to September since Riley Jade was my summer baby but I am honestly glad we stuck it out with my lesser quality home cam until Cubo landed in our home.  Stand for Baby Monitor That Grows With Your Baby! Let me just say that I couldn't be happier with the overall design, quality...

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