Cubo AI Review: The Smart Monitor that Grows Up with Your Baby

Hello there, my name is Shawn and I was one of Cubo AI’s 6,000 pilot users. What I have to say is that first impressions are important and you can tell immediately from the unboxing experience that a lot of thought went into this baby monitor.

Saying that, Cubo will be leaving impressions on you for long after the first moment: this monitor is designed to grow up with your baby.

The Smart & Cute Baby Monitor!

The first impression comes from unboxing. Cubo AI’s box design is attractive, opening it takes you on a little journey and then you see the cute little Cubo - captivating. Next comes set up, which is so easy that all of the instructions fit on a single page.

Then, Cubo comes with three different stands, so it doesn’t have to get attached to a crib. It can be sat on a desk or a shelf, and because it’s so cute, it just blends in with a room’s decor.

Cubo AI makes use of AI technology to give you important information about your baby and, to be honest, I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. Was it necessary? What could this device do or see that I, as a parent, couldn’t? And wasn’t it dangerous to be connected over WiFi?

But then I went to Phoenix on a business trip and let me tell you, having the ability to watch her go to sleep, to know how well she slept, to get alerts that she’s in or out of the crib, that she’s crying - it was fantastic. Just when I feel like I’m missing her I suddenly get a great picture of her smiling or playing with a toy. Super.

From Baby monitor to Toddler Cam

To me, though, the most important part of all this is that Cubo AI will grow up with (baby). What was once just a smart baby monitor becomes a toddler monitor once she starts walking, helping me to make sure she doesn’t go anywhere that could be dangerous.

Later on it becomes a nanny monitor, helping me to keep an eye on how the babysitter treats her. Eventually it becomes an inconspicuous security camera.

Cubo AI is much more than just a baby monitor, it stays relevant for the entire time you’ll be raising a kid. 


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