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"2023 Best Baby Monitor Gold Medal"

For new parents who are given a long list of sleeping instructions and many warnings about the dangers for babies in their sleep, the proactive alerts provide unprecedented peace of mind.

"2022 Best Baby Monitor Bronze Medal"

CuboAi Sleep Safety Bundle gives parents even more peace of mind while their baby sleeps.

"Best Baby Monitors 2022: 9 Monitors to Help Keep an Extra Eye on Baby!"

Parents are instantly alerted to any changes in movement patterns via the CuboAi Smartphone app.

"CuboAi Launches Sleep Safety Bundle (2022)"

CuboAi Sleep Safety Bundle will keep parents alerted to any potential dangers during the night.

"13 best baby monitors in Australia for 2022"

Clever and cute, the CuboAi uses AI technology to detect if baby’s mouth and nose are covered.

"Testing out the CuboAi Plus Smart Baby Monitor (2021)"

It has helped ease all those new-parent worries and really does it all and makes monitoring our new baby super easy.

"The best baby monitors for your home nursery"

I’ll give a quick shout-out here to the CuboAi, which mostly had an impressively clear and crisp video feed

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How our night vision compares

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  CuboAi Smart Baby Monitor Other Smart Baby Monitors Traditional Baby Monitors
AI Covered-Face & Rollover Detection
True Cry Detection
Micro Motion Detection w/ AI Mode
Cough Detection
Sleep Analytics Few
Built-In Lullabies Few
Auto-capture Photo Few
18 hrs Playback Few
Event Tags on 18hr Playback
Danger Zone Detection Few
Two-Way Audio Some Some
Multiple Cameras Few
Family Sharing Some

*1. Only alerts when breathing is impacted

*2. Can't distinguish between background noise and baby's cry

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2-Way Audio

Be with them no matter where you are!

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