CuboAi Care Ultimate - 12 months
CuboAi Care Ultimate - 12 months

CuboAi Care Ultimate - 12 months

Regular price $129.99
The plan includes:
  • Unlimited Sleep Analytics Report
    • Daytime Sleep Report
    • Daily Sleep Summary
  • Playlist by a Music Therapist
  • 10 AI Lullaby Schedules
  • 90 Days Moments Wall Storage
  • Other Cubo Ai Care Premium Features
1. To activate the subscription after purchase, please contact Cubo Ai support team at Messenger/in-app chat to provide order ID, Cubo Ai app account email, and the camera’s serial number.
2. Cubo Ai Care Ultimate will be activated automatically within 2 business days after the above information is provided.
3. If you wish to purchase Cubo Ai Care Ultimate for multiple cameras, please place another order for each device respectively.
4. For Cubo Ai Plus users who are currently having the 1-year free Cubo Ai Care Premium, your Cubo Ai Care Ultimate purchased via this listing will replace the Premium service after activated.
5. Our return policy does not apply to this service (non-physical product). Once the order is placed, customers won’t be eligible for refund.

*The serial number, which starts with CB, can be found on the bottom of the camera.
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