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How Sleep Analytics Can Help

Automatically record sleep events
Schedule sleep efficiently
Track overall sleep time

According to a study published in the National Institutes of Health, sleep plays a key role in babies’ brain and physical health and development. With Cubo Ai, you can track and improve your baby’s sleep to better ensure their healthy childhood.

Using Sleep Analytics for Baby Health

Every morning, our sleep analytics bring parents accurate information about their baby's night. From how long their baby is sleeping to how often they require caregiver visits, and more, allowing parents to assess their baby’s needs using real numbers.

18 Hour Sleep Playback

Cubo Ai stores video from the last 18 hours so you can scroll through your baby’s sleep timeline with easy-to-access highlights from last night’s events. See when your little one cried, woke up, or when you came in to visit.

What Mums and Dads Think

Hannah, Cubo Ai Mum

Seeing how Zara's night went helps me better prepare for the following day! It's also nice knowing that Cubo Ai is truly watching her non-stop, so I feel even more assured that I'll be alerted if she's crying or face is covered. It's like having a night nurse report how restful her sleep was (or not!)

Ian and Nikki, Cubo Ai Parents

The movement tracker was a real eye opener - we definitely have a littler wriggler on our hands and didn't realise how often our child woke up and settled himself back to sleep each night.[...] We have stopped using huckleberry. Cubo Ai's Sleep Analytics has saved us so much time and is a lot more accurate!!

Kristin, First-Time Mum

Since Cubo Ai’s Ai is already watching my baby’s movements, it was able to tell me how restless she was each night, how long she stayed asleep, how many wakeups, and when. That helped me see she had a bad night not staying asleep more than 90 minutes straight, so I kept the extra nap and we turned things around.

Maggie, Cubo Ai Mum

I've always worried about how well my slept, or how often he woke up and for how long before going back to sleep. [...]This report allows me to see when he was moving around a lot during the night, how often he woke up, when he went to sleep and when he woke up for the day (earlier than I had thought!)

Alice, Cubo Ai Mum

[Using Sleep Analytics] we could go to bed and see the effects of training our baby to sleep through the night! We could see the number of times that either of us went to take care of the baby and know whether the baby was soothing himself to sleep.

Behind the Scenes: How Our Sleep Analytics Work

Our AI technology detects when your baby is safe and sound in their crib

Cubo Ai uses computer vision to monitor their movement to detect when they’re fast asleep, timing how long it took them to go down.

When you visit, we detect and save the moments when you came in to care for your baby.

All of the night’s events are integrated into one simple report for you to see in the morning.

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